The JesuOtaku Dilemma

OK I need to come clean with this for those readers that haven’t guessed already. I am a fan of an anime reviewer known as JesuOtaku. She is a member of a group of anime reviewers called the DesuDes Brigade (or D2Brigade for short) who has reviewed a range of anime such as Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Midori Days and has been doing Digimon Retrospectives. I enjoy watching her reviews and it’s because of her that I’ve tried out some anime shows I normally wouldn’t, such as Star Driver and Midori Days, obviously some I now enjoy and some that annoy me.

So when I first decided I would try reviewing Studio Ghibli movies, I wasn’t really sure on what was the best way for me to review it. So I “took” JesuOtaku’s style, changed it slightly, added a section for development history, because I think it’s good that readers can understand a bit more than what someone thought of a movie, and since I got more comfortable using that style I stuck with it. It’s kind of embarrasing to admit and I give my apologies to JO for being the plagiarizer that I am.

Now when I first heard of it being considered for the Acadamy Awards, I preordered a copy of Maramou Hasada’s newest hits Summer Wars in the interest of seeing what it’s like and wanting to review it. Then only last week I found out from watching JO’s Anime Review of Chobits that she was going to review the exact same movie. So now I’m worried that whatever I say in my review, it’s going to be compared to hers. So now I’m wandering if I should still review it and just hold of watching hers or simply not do it at all.

Since being in the UK, I will have to wait for a little over a month before getting to see it myself, it’s gonna be a long wait, but if it means being fair and not a complete copycat then I guess it’s time to be patient.

In the meantime for everyone else, check out her page here and her review of Summer Wars is currently on but I expect it’ll be up on D2Brigade soon.


One thought on “The JesuOtaku Dilemma

  1. […] it is, my review of Summer Wars. If you read my JesuOtaku Dilemma post, well this might make sense why this was quicky put out after my Felidae review, since I got […]

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