My Prediction of the Academy Awards: Results

Well yesterday the Academy Awards Ceremony commenced and the winners were announced. Over a month ago I posted my predictions on the Studycove forums, which you can find here. I like to play a game called the Oscar Prediction Game, which is a score based game where you have to predict the Oscar Winners to get the lowest score. To get the full rules, Rocketboom made this video for the 2009 Oscars:

So now here I’ll tally up my scores, I’ll give my prediction, the actual winner and maybe a few comments on what I thought of the winner.

Best Picture:

Prediction: The King’s Speech

Winner: The King’s Speech (Score: 1 Point)

The film is actually brilliant, I don’t see why some people think it’s an OK film that has Oscar Bait.

Best Director:

Prediction: David Fincher (The Social Network)

Winner: Tom Hooper (Score: 3 points)

While I liked The King’s Speech over The Social Network, I felt that The Social Network was really well created, and since Fincher won a Golden Globe for directing he deserved an Oscar.

Best Actor:

Prediction: Colin Firth (The King’s Speech)

Winner: Colin Firth (Score: 1 point)

I didn’t really know much about Colin Firth outside Bridget Jones’ Diary, although seeing him in the King’s Speech reminded me that he kicked a dog into a Lawnmower in St Trinian’s, I hope he didn’t have that role on his CV during casting.

Best Actress:

Prediction: Natalie Portman (Black Swan)

Winner: Natalie Portman (Score: 1 point)

My god that was the most predictable winner in this whole award.

Best Supporting Actor:

Prediction: Christian Bale (The Fighter)

Winner: Christian Bale (Score: 1 point)

Best Supporting Actress:

Prediction: Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit)

Winner: Melissa Leo (The Fighter) (Score: 3 points)

While this was a predictable award to some, I still wish Steinfeld won this award, she did a good job.

Best Original Screenplay:

Prediction: The King’s Speech

Winner: The King’s Speech (Score: 1 point)

Best Adapted Screenplay:

Prediction: The Social Network

Winner: The Social Network (Score: 1 point)

Best Animated Feature:

Prediction: Toy Story 3

Winner: Toy Story 3 (Score: 1 point)

Bring the nomination count up to five PERMANENTLY NEXT YEAR!

Best Foreign Film:

Prediction: Biutiful

Winner: In a Better World (Score: 2 points)

I’m surprised with this one, I heard so much about how good Biutiful was and it didn’t win.

Best Documentary Feature:

Prediction: Inside Job

Winner: Inside Job (Score: 1 point)

This was entirely a guess, even Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop was my least likeliest choice.

Best Documentary Short:

Prediction: Poster Girl

Winner: Strangers No More (Score: 4 points)

Best Live Action Short:

Prediction: The Crush

Winner: God of Love (Score: 2 points)

Best Animated Short:

Prediction: Day & Night

Winner: The Lost Thing (Score: 3 points)

I really wanted Day & Night to win, I loved watching it when at the cinema for Toy Story 3.

Best Original Score:

Prediction: The Social Network

Winner: The Social Network (Score: 1 point)

I will never in my life, forgive the Academy for this treachery, where the hell was Tron: Legacy in the nomination list? Wasn’t it considered the most original and creative soundtrack of the year or something?

Best Original Song:

Prediction: We Belong Together (Toy Story 3)

Winner: We Belong Together (Toy Story 3) (Score: 1 point)

Best Sound Editing:

Prediction: Tron Legacy

Winner: Inception (Score: 2 points)

Best Sound Mixing:

Prediction: Inception

Winner: Inception (Score: 2 points)

I know I predicted Social Network, Hans Zimmer should’ve deserved another Academy Award.

Best Art Direction:

Prediction: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Winner: Alice in Wonderland (Score: 3 points)

Why did I predict Harry Potter? I never saw that movie.

Best Cinematography:

Prediction: Black Swan

Winner: Inception (Score: 3 points)

Best Makeup:

Prediction: The Way Back

Winner: The Wolfman (Score: 2 points)

Was The Wolfman actual makeup? Not CGI like it looked?

Best Costume Design:

Prediction: True Grit

Winner: Alice in Wonderland (Score: 2 points)

Ah of course, why didn’t I predict the Tim Burton movie for Costume Design?

Best Visual Effects:

Prediction: Inception

Winner: Inception (Score: 1 point)

I know in the post that it says Best Film Editing, but the nominees I predicted were for Best Visual Effects and I forgot to put down a prediction for film editing and got mixed up, silly I know but I’ll give myself a 5 point penalty for missing a prediction.

Results: So the lowest possible score is 24 points. My score is…


Not to mention 11 out of 24 winners predicted accurately!

Wow I didn’t expect to improve that much! I’m ready to play next year then!


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