Review: Summer Wars

Here it is, my review of Summer Wars. If you read my JesuOtaku Dilemma post, well this might make sense why this was quicky put out after my Felidae review, since I got the DVD of this film yesterday. Well now I can watch JesuOtaku’s review of Summer Wars without trying to sound like a complete plagiarist.

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The Adaptations

Have you ever noticed that some of the best or most recognised animated films and series in history are adaptations? Or even, that some of the best film and televised adaptations are from animated films?

I know this looks like a biased statement, since it’s not that hard to look at all the highly rated live-action films such as the Harry Potter series and Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and the latter one in particular is far superior to Bakshi’s animated version, but if you collected all the film adaptations of books, fairy tales, comics, video games and maybe even toylines, and compiled them in a ratio between critically acclaimed animated adaptations and critically acclaimed film adaptations, there would be a good chance that animation would outway the live-action, if I included mangas there would be no contest.

Normally, I wouldn’t give any opinion of films if they are an adaptation. In the end, no matter what the content is, it’s a story first, and the word adaptation means it’s “adapted” to work in other kinds of mediums, even if that means drastically changing the original creators ideas and story to suit a certain audience. Yes, I do get frustrated like other fans when a film adaptation is clearly different from the original story, but most of the time, when I watch a film, I watch a film. However for this case I’m gonna talk about how adaptations would work for the fans and critics who would normally complain about the changes made in stories, since they would probably think I lack any form of thought or previous research when I write reviews.

In light of this point, I would like to give my ideas for why each of the kinds of adaptations either work or not whether it can be for animated and live action films. So let’s dive right in!

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