It’s Over Apparently: My Star Driver Overview

Around two months ago, I wrote a rant on the anime Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto, an anime series by Studio BONES that grew to major popularity both in Japan and across the anime otaku community. So much so that my 1200+ word rant has become my most viewed post on this site, and the view count still increases slightly to this day.

I said at when the series finishes I might give an overview, well now that I’ve watched the stated final episode, episode 25 for some reason, I thought maybe I would.

Before I give my overall opinion on the show as a whole and on the finale, I shall justify some points I made, to see if the rest of the episodes that I have now watched have proved me wrong or not.

The first thing to note is the battles, while I complained about the reduction of battle sequences, the later episodes actually go back to the one major battle per episode, and the final episode is basically one huge and tense battle sequence. They are really good so I’m glad the guys actually built up the rest of the show to such a big finale. They also did the nice thing and played slightly arranged versions of the 1st season music along with the 2nd season stuff, which is beautifully pulled off and was great to listen to in the show’s moments.

However, to anyone who thinks I’m evil for hating on the two, I still believe that Madoka Kei and Kou Atari are not only useless characters, but are the worst antagonist in all of anime. They were pointless, unexplained and terrible villains back when I wrote the ran and they still are now and possibly they will stay that way until the end of time. Not only did I find out absolutely nothing about who they are and what their motives were, but they fail to achieve their mission and leave at around the 21 Episode mark, they achieved nothing other than slowing the Glittering Crux down. In fact, in one episode, one of the higher members decides to take advantage of both Zero Time his Third Phase and do the smart thing and actually go after Wako and break her South Maiden Seal, but fails because Kou Atari goes out and attacks him, getting him defeated by Takuto. Why does she do this? She actually says she doesn’t want HIM to do this because Madoka’s Cybody “Window Star” hasn’t regenerated so THEY COULD DO IT THEMSELVES. How come no one has said this?! How come no one has noticed that these two are so STUPID!

I would punch these two women they are so stupid!

Before I grab my computer and smash it against the wall, I think it’s best to give my opinion on the rest of the episodes. Aside from you know who, most of the story and character development progresses very well, especially the school’s class president and an anti-villain of sorts called Ivrogne and the shows main antagonist Tokio, in fact both characters get at least one whole episode in length detailing who they are and what their motives are in a way that it’s vague enough not to be preachy but they show and explain enough for the audience to figure it out themselves, a good example of the “Show don’t Tell” rule found in films. I think they should’ve given more character detailing to Tokio, since it was difficult for me to understand what his reasons were for taking over the world, but I got the gist of it so what can you do?

Our main villian, don't underestimate him, he goes really insane!

The final episode and the episodes leading up to them are brilliantly told and are very engaging, the main battle in the final episode has a very tense atmosphere and it is really worth the build up. One thing I find wierd is that at some points the animation style changes to a rough sketchy style, it’s almost like the animators failed to complete portions of the animation. I also do think it’s weird to end a series on the 25th episode mark and the ending indicates a possible new season on the horizon, which god knows how they would pull that off, but it’s a good episode in my opinion and it’s worth seeing.

So what do I think of the show as a whole? Well I like it, I really do. I may not like the sudden change of pace in the beginning of 13 onwards and I hate the Madoka and Kou story arcs, it doesn’t stop me from enjoying the show’s action and drama. The visuals were bright and vibrant, most of the music is great to listen to, so I’m glad I made it through all the way, I wasn’t disappointed. I guess that’s all I have to give, please comment and either tell me what you think or curse the hell out of me for my opinions, it would be the only way I can learn from my readers.


One thought on “It’s Over Apparently: My Star Driver Overview

  1. Anon1 says:

    I agree about Madoka and Kou. They definitely hurt the last third of the series. They should have just spent 1-2 episodes covering those two instead of the 4+ episodes. They should have focused more on the Idiot Trio and developed Wako and Keito more.

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