Review: Arashi no Yoru Ni

Arashi no Yoru Ni PosterI plan on writing a review for Arrietty after I watch it next week, but before then here’s a review for an anime film a bunch of friends showed me that I really loved. What makes this film great? Click on the poster for the review.


Review: Solatorobo – Red the Hunter

Solatorobo: Red the HunterHey guys, sorry for the delay, along with exams and organising holiday stuff, I’ve been working on three reviews at once! I’ve also been playing some cool games on my Nintendo 3DS and I thought I’ll review this one since I fell in love with it in the previews. Yeah I promise that this review is an unbiased opinion since I’ve reviewed it in comparison to other RPGs on the DS. Click the Box Art to head to the review!