Review: Arrietty

Arrietty, Studio Ghibli’s latest to get translated for an English release. As a big Studio Ghibli fan who has reviewed everyone of their films which has crossed the waters, I wanted to see this as closest to launch day as possible, so on the 30th July I was heading to an anime expo at one of the few cities playing Arrietty at the time, Manchester! Since it was my first time going into the Odeon in Manchester, compare it to the cinemas within my general area, the cinema was MASSIVE with four floors, the first three having a small arcade each, and TWENTY SCREENS! What was also cool was that there was this set up right next to the door where the screen for Arrietty was. On the table was a sheet with a crossword and a map to try while you were bored, and because I’m a fan like that I got one! So was the film as good as I hoped, or was the trip all the way to Manchester a partial waste of time? Click the film poster for the review.


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