Review: The Fox and the Hound

Fox and the Hound PosterFinally back to reviewing comfortably, here is my review of another underrated Disney classic, The Fox and the Hound. A couple of years ago, I knew a friend who would outright defend this film, and all I knew of it was as Walt Disney Animation’s beginning of a downhill in their 80’s animated feature career before theirĀ RenaissanceĀ era, jokingly called Disney’s “Dark Age”. Finally taking a dive into this film head first, what do I think? Click the poster for the review

EDIT: The link should be fixed now. For some reason WordPress is having issues.


Review: The Legend of Titanic

The Legend of Titanic Movie PosterHere it is, there is another Italian produced animated Titanic film. This is the 1999 obscurity that really shouldn’t have been made, and compared to the other Titanic disaster of an animated film, this deserved to be much worse. Find out why by clicking on the poster for the review, you will thank me later in life.

Also, I have a review ready of Disney’s The Fox and the Hound but I’m having problems finding a high quality theatrical trailer of the film, if anyone can find or upload the video to a site with an embeddable player like Youtube that would be really helpful.