About the student radio

It’s been known to me and other members of OMG that the program we used to record the radio broadcasts had a fault that meant the main broadcasting station didn’t receive the files. We were told that it had been fixed, but it’s clearly apparent that it wasn’t entirely true, as both mine and Tom’s show wasn’t broadcasted at the allotted time. Sorry guys 😦


Wanna hear me on student radio?

I’m now officially part of Staffordshire University’s Online Media Group, and since I’m part of the student radio, my first radio show along with fellow student Tom Helps will be broadcasting on Sunday 23rd between 2pm and 4pm.

Along with talking about student freshers, we will be talking about films showing next week and I’ll talk about one of the films I’ve previously reviewed.

I will also have my first written review for the site published sometime this week or next week.

Staffs OMG Website

Click here to go to the radio site

Review: The Brave Little Toaster

Brave Little Toaster Review

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been long overdue for a review, or an update, or something, I’ve been in University so I’ve been trying to get fully comfortable on campus, and now I am!

So here is a review of a little cult Disney film called The Brave Little Toaster, I know my European readers might have little knowledge of it, I couldn’t find a PAL copy to use to watch this. Check out my review by clicking on the film poster.

Also, I may have a film review segment on the local University radio, so if I’m lucky I might post a clip here of me talking!