RIP Mœbius: 1938 – 2012

This news has just reached me, so it’s definitely later than other sources. A french artist named Jean Giraud, best known by his pseudonym Mœbius, has past away on 10th March 2012.

Many people will recognise him as one of two things, a comic artist best known internationally for his contribution to Marvel Comics, or his contributions to some of the most vividly detailed films for over 30 years.

While his most famous designs have been in Alien and Tron, I first recognised him for his contribution to Little Nemo, the well animated and overall very creative children’s film that had been worked on for so long, and yet had little impact.

Just yesterday a friend of mine was going on about a film he also worked on called The Time Masters, a French Hungarian Animated Sci-Fi film that has a cult following, it was one of his favourite films and encouraged me to get a copy. Because the trailer looked amazing and I noticed Mœbius was involved I ordered a copy that same day. Now hearing this news kind of makes me feel glad that I notice this now while the news is still new, but also bad that I haven’t appreciated his more larger pieces of work while he was still alive.

May my best wishes go to his family and I hope his artistic skills and his work will live on.


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