Review: Earnest & Celestine

Ernest & Celestine poster.jpgCelestine is an orphaned mouse, living underground with all the other mice and working for the dentistry as a tooth collector, taking teeth from bears so they can be used by mice for replacements. However she feels quite alone underground as she only has interests in drawing. Earnest is a bear, living above ground just outside of town as a failing entertainer. While he loves his music, he doesn’t get much respect or money from the other bears he interacts with, getting into trouble. One day, after both of them fail miserably at their jobs, their paths meet and they agree to help each other. However, their help only leads them into more trouble, and they end up hiding together. Through their talents, they develop a strong friendship, a friendship which neither society approves, and believe they should hate each other. What will become of their friendship, as well as their future, is up to their strength and how these two societies will judge each other. Continue reading


Oscar Prediction Game 2013 Results

So over a month ago I submitted my predictions for the game I’ve played for the past three years, The Oscar Prediction game (as described by Rocketboom). Now that the results are all online, it is time to see what my score is, as well as my thoughts.

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My Prediction of the Academy Awards: Results

Well yesterday the Academy Awards Ceremony commenced and the winners were announced. Over a month ago I posted my predictions on the Studycove forums, which you can find here. I like to play a game called the Oscar Prediction Game, which is a score based game where you have to predict the Oscar Winners to get the lowest score. To get the full rules, Rocketboom made this video for the 2009 Oscars:

So now here I’ll tally up my scores, I’ll give my prediction, the actual winner and maybe a few comments on what I thought of the winner.

Best Picture:

Prediction: The King’s Speech

Winner: The King’s Speech (Score: 1 Point)

The film is actually brilliant, I don’t see why some people think it’s an OK film that has Oscar Bait.

Best Director:

Prediction: David Fincher (The Social Network)

Winner: Tom Hooper (Score: 3 points)

While I liked The King’s Speech over The Social Network, I felt that The Social Network was really well created, and since Fincher won a Golden Globe for directing he deserved an Oscar.

Best Actor:

Prediction: Colin Firth (The King’s Speech)

Winner: Colin Firth (Score: 1 point)

I didn’t really know much about Colin Firth outside Bridget Jones’ Diary, although seeing him in the King’s Speech reminded me that he kicked a dog into a Lawnmower in St Trinian’s, I hope he didn’t have that role on his CV during casting.

Best Actress:

Prediction: Natalie Portman (Black Swan)

Winner: Natalie Portman (Score: 1 point)

My god that was the most predictable winner in this whole award.

Best Supporting Actor:

Prediction: Christian Bale (The Fighter)

Winner: Christian Bale (Score: 1 point)

Best Supporting Actress:

Prediction: Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit)

Winner: Melissa Leo (The Fighter) (Score: 3 points)

While this was a predictable award to some, I still wish Steinfeld won this award, she did a good job.

Best Original Screenplay:

Prediction: The King’s Speech

Winner: The King’s Speech (Score: 1 point)

Best Adapted Screenplay:

Prediction: The Social Network

Winner: The Social Network (Score: 1 point)

Best Animated Feature:

Prediction: Toy Story 3

Winner: Toy Story 3 (Score: 1 point)

Bring the nomination count up to five PERMANENTLY NEXT YEAR!

Best Foreign Film:

Prediction: Biutiful

Winner: In a Better World (Score: 2 points)

I’m surprised with this one, I heard so much about how good Biutiful was and it didn’t win.

Best Documentary Feature:

Prediction: Inside Job

Winner: Inside Job (Score: 1 point)

This was entirely a guess, even Banksy’s Exit Through the Gift Shop was my least likeliest choice.

Best Documentary Short:

Prediction: Poster Girl

Winner: Strangers No More (Score: 4 points)

Best Live Action Short:

Prediction: The Crush

Winner: God of Love (Score: 2 points)

Best Animated Short:

Prediction: Day & Night

Winner: The Lost Thing (Score: 3 points)

I really wanted Day & Night to win, I loved watching it when at the cinema for Toy Story 3.

Best Original Score:

Prediction: The Social Network

Winner: The Social Network (Score: 1 point)

I will never in my life, forgive the Academy for this treachery, where the hell was Tron: Legacy in the nomination list? Wasn’t it considered the most original and creative soundtrack of the year or something?

Best Original Song:

Prediction: We Belong Together (Toy Story 3)

Winner: We Belong Together (Toy Story 3) (Score: 1 point)

Best Sound Editing:

Prediction: Tron Legacy

Winner: Inception (Score: 2 points)

Best Sound Mixing:

Prediction: Inception

Winner: Inception (Score: 2 points)

I know I predicted Social Network, Hans Zimmer should’ve deserved another Academy Award.

Best Art Direction:

Prediction: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Winner: Alice in Wonderland (Score: 3 points)

Why did I predict Harry Potter? I never saw that movie.

Best Cinematography:

Prediction: Black Swan

Winner: Inception (Score: 3 points)

Best Makeup:

Prediction: The Way Back

Winner: The Wolfman (Score: 2 points)

Was The Wolfman actual makeup? Not CGI like it looked?

Best Costume Design:

Prediction: True Grit

Winner: Alice in Wonderland (Score: 2 points)

Ah of course, why didn’t I predict the Tim Burton movie for Costume Design?

Best Visual Effects:

Prediction: Inception

Winner: Inception (Score: 1 point)

I know in the post that it says Best Film Editing, but the nominees I predicted were for Best Visual Effects and I forgot to put down a prediction for film editing and got mixed up, silly I know but I’ll give myself a 5 point penalty for missing a prediction.

Results: So the lowest possible score is 24 points. My score is…


Not to mention 11 out of 24 winners predicted accurately!

Wow I didn’t expect to improve that much! I’m ready to play next year then!

New Review Ready for Tomorrow

Hey everyone, I’ve just being rereading and checking on my newest review to make sure it’s good and greatly explains my points across. It’ll be submitted tomorrow for the third installment of my Oscar Nominees Month, “Persepolis”.

What’s Oscar Nominees Month?
Despite me having something to hate about it every year, especially because they always favour the films that I am not interested in, I love the Academy Awards. They are always so fun to predict, it’s a great topic for film discussion every year and I enjoy how they give an opportunity to lesser appreciated and indie films to show how good they are compared to the high budgeted, well cast and mind inducingly marketed blockbusters that we saw in the past year. Since being a fan of animation on a whole, it interests me to find animated films that I had previously never heard of, or barely remember, nominated along with the big features like the ones from Dreamworks and the future classics from Pixar. This is why every Tuesday from 25th January, when the nominees are announced, to the 15th February, I will review a barely remembered animated film that unfortunately failed to grab the Golden Statuette.

This is the line up:

  • 25th January – The Secret of Kells (2009)
  • 1st January – The Triplettes of Belleville (2003)
  • 8th February – Persepolis (2007)
  • 15th February – Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001)

Currently, The Secret of Kells and the Triplettes of Belleville are up on, so you can find them on the site or go to the Reviews Page on the Menu Bar and find it from there.