Where I Am

This is where you can find me:
Studycove.co.ukThis is an obvious one, this is where you can find all of my movie reviews, it also has well written articles and a great forum.

TwitterYep, I’m on Twitter. It is always the first place where I announce a new review I have submitted and new posts. I also talk about other movies, games and random stuff!


Yeah I have a Youtube Channel, I don’t submit videos as much as I used to and I have some really weird and bad videos.

I’m a big fan of Escape to the Movies, Zero Punctuation, The Big Picture and Extra Creditz among other shows, so I also use the forums here.

While I do have a “Gamepopper” account here, I actually use a different account (it’s a complicated story). Like I said I do like drawing but I’m usually pessimistic about my artwork despite small appreciation I get.

There are quite a few more, but there’s too many to list so have fun searching “Gamepopper” on google and see what you can find!


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